Human Verification: How To Complete an Offer

When you try to download our agario hack bot is possible that your IP can be blocked by our servers. So instead of mediafire download page you will be redirected to a new page which will ask you to confirm that you’re not a bot. In this case you must a complete (which is free) of your choice. Follow this steps below to see how to complete a free offer.

1. After clicking on Download button, a list of offers will show for you. Let’s say you have chosen “Win a new Weber Grill”. Click on a offer (will open in a new page)

2. Fill in with your email address

3. Complete the form with your Name, Address, Born Date, etc. Click on continue.

4. Next step si answer a few question (by selecting check boxes). Meanwile new offers will show up. You can skip them by clicking on Skip button. Remember, we chosen “Win a new Weber Grill” offer.

5. Next step is to click on “Leave Page” to be redirected to download page.

6. Here we are. Click on download and save the files.

If you’re from United Kingdom, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland or any other countries which will ask you to install an app or enter your phone number which will charge a fee – don’t worry – you can do that without paying nothing. Just send a new text to the same number with word “STOP” and you’ll unsubscribe (and will not charge anything).

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