Hack: Unlimited Mass and Coins!

We just released our newest hack which will give you unlimited mass and coins.┬áThousands of people have tried and recommend it to others. This is the best way to get the leaderboard within seconds. Please do not abuse of this agario hack. Remember, is just for fun! ­čÖé

Wonder what can you do with millions of coins? You can get double or triple your cell boost, double or triple starting mass (with our agar hack you can also set unlimited mass to anyone you want), custom skins from shop. So don’t buy 125000 coins for $99.99 when you can get them for free!

Watch the video below to see how mass hack works!

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download Hack Bot: Easily Win on with ZOOM, SPEED, DOUBLE SIZE and INVISIBILITY Cheats hack bot is a bookmarklet (automatically created based on your username and IP – and can be used by Drag and Drop) working on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer (8+), Safari, Netscape and SeaMonkey. Using this agario cheats you will dominate the game and hit #1 on Leaderboard within minutes.

In the last days I’ve worked hard on a new version of bot which will allow you to play without worrying that you will lose the game. There are many features including Zoom, Speed, Double Size and Invisibility. So let me tell you meanings of each one. Hack Bot Features
ZOOM: this feature will allow you to zoom the page and and see more than is allowed. Perhaps you’re asking who’s left/right to you, right? With zoom feature you can see it without your opponent knowing. Find the screenshot to see how it works.

SPEED: with speed hack feature you can easily grow up your speed when you are moving to slow. I recommend you to use it when your score is higher than 150. If you use it when your score is less than 150 you will move too quickly and can be caught.

DOUBLE SIZE: will double your score within every cells you eat. If you eat small cells your score will increase by 1, but if this feature is activated score will be increased by 2 within every cell. So, in this way 5 eaten cells means a score of 10, instead of 5.

INVISIBILITY: probably the best feature of this hack online. With invisibility mode you can set opacity for your cell up to -10. In this way, other players will be harder to see you. Notice: this hack works better when your cell color is yellow and without username set (blank). Cheats Instructions
Although this instructions can be found on your custom hack folder, I will also write them here to be more clearly. Also in that folder you will find instructions to use the hack in each supported browser (see above), step-by-step.

ZOOM: Hold Z and press -/+ for zoom in or zoom out
SPEED: Hold S and press -/+ for slow and fast
DOUBLE SIZE: Hold Z and press -/+ to activate/deactivate this feature
INVISIBILITY: Hold I and press -/+ for opacity mode. Hack Bot Download
Once you have downloaded the hack, you must connect on within 15 minutes for hack to be activated. After that, you can use it for unlimited time. A bookmarklet will be created for for every supported browser based on your username and IP (so you can choose a username already taken/used by someone else). hack download

Feedback / Requests

Are you thinking of a new feature of agario hack that you want me to implement? Tell me your thoughts. Please leave your feedback, request or any comments below.

New: We’ve made a mobile version of this amazing hack. Check out our hack for mobile devices.